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Shadow Grove Brewing is located in the Downtown District of San Fernando. 

This means parking can be limited. We encourage rideshare whenever possible. With that said, we do have one van accessible handicap parking space onsite located off the alley adjacent to out building. If you plan to drive to Shadow Grove, perhaps this parking guide will help you find a spot.

Maclay Street

Maclay offers free street parking, seven days a week. These spots are time limited during the day so please be observant of the posted parking signs.

1st Street

At the corner of First and Maclay there is a large, paid, public parking lot. 

They charge $1.25 per hour with no time limit except that you cannot park there overnight. 

First Street also offers paid street parking via meters, but note that they only take change.

2nd Street

If you're lucky you may be able to snag a space close to the brewery. These are open spaces with street sweeping restrictions that are in effect before we are open. 


The residential neighborhood behind our building offers free parking, seven days a week, but we ask that you be respectful to our neighbors and mind the noise when you make your way to and from your vehicle. 

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