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Beverages and food will be offered at a discount for Vendors while working a scheduled shift.


We provide a fully covered and shaded area that is also waterproof.


We provide overhead lighting.


We provide electrical for the purpose of led task lighting, accessory charging and small devices. Electrical is not available for any cooking or heating appliance.


There is a propane powered space heater (bring your own propane.)


There is a hose for water in the covered Vendor space.


We provide the cleaning tools and chemicals for the floors and counter surfaces.


We provide scheduling and communication software.




Vendors will get draft beverage pours at the discount rate of 50% off (same rate as taproom employees.) Any pre-packaged beverages or food will receive a 25% discount. The max comp amount for one shift is $50. A Vendor must place a card on file to take advantage of these discounts. Beverage discounts can not be carried over to future days or shifts. Vendors will be given a chance to pay in cash if they prefer when closing their tab.


Shadow Grove Brewing will not tolerate Vendors becoming intoxicated. Beertenders have final say to stop service to any Vendor that looks or acts intoxicated, and this will not be overridden by Management.


This discount perk is for the use of Vendors and their employees during a shift they are working. This is not for friends or family of the Vendors. Abuse of this policy will result in the Vendor not being asked to return.




Shadow Grove Brewing does not require a Vendor to comp or discount food to Shadow Grove Brewing employees that are working during their shift (although it is customary, it is not necessary.)


Please inform Shadow Grove Brewing employees what you are comping or discounting, if anything, at the beginning of your shift.




All scheduling is done through our scheduling software 7Shifts. All Vendors will be required to participate in this system to vend at Shadow Grove Brewing. This allows Vendors to input their availability and in the case of a Vendor that is scheduled for a regular day of the week, a way to request the day off, which will never be denied providing the schedule has not been published. A “day off” request after the schedule has been published will be considered a cancellation.


The software also allows communication between Vendor to Vendor and Shadow Grove Brewing staff to Vendor without the requirement to share personal details such as a phone number, and when utilizing the provided app on a smartphone, it allows personal preference setting as to receiving notifications. It has features such as offering up a shift to other Vendors and allowing an announcement from Shadow Grove Brewing to all Vendors without a group text.


A Vendor is expected to have their availability submitted no later than 30 days from the start of that month. If this has not been completed it will be assumed the Vendor is not available for that month.


Schedules will be posted no later than 15 days before the start of each month.


All scheduling is done through 7Shifts, which is an app-based software service. This will allow Vendors to offer a shift to other Vendors, pick up dropped shifts, see the schedule, request time off and communicate with other Vendors and Shadow Grove Brewing Taproom employees without sharing any personal information. This is also how Shadow Grove Brewing will publish the schedule, contact Vendors directly and make group announcements.


If the Vendor has the same repeating availability, they can set this up in the scheduling software 7Shifts so they do not need to update their availability each month. If used this way, the Vendor can put in a “time-off” request 30 days prior to the month being scheduled and it will automatically be shown as not available for that shift. 


Once you have been accepted as a new Vendor you will need to provide an email and Shadow Grove Brewing will send you an invite to join the group.


Instructions for the app can be found here:


There is also a web browser based desktop version available.




Once the schedule has been posted, it is up to the Vendor to find a replacement for their scheduled shift if they are unable to work it. You can communicate with other Vendors through the 7Shifts app. If the Vendor is unable to work and they have not found a replacement Vendor to cover, the Vendor will be charged a fee. Replacement Vendors must be approved by Shadow Grove Brewing prior to replacement booking.

We expect Vendors to operate rain or shine. Cancellations for weather (within reason) are not permitted.


Excessive cancellation may result in the Vendor’s shifts being reduced or canceled.




Vendors should attempt to find coverage from another Shadow Grove Brewing approved Vendor if they are unable to make it for a scheduled shift. No-call, no-show Vendors will not be invited back.


If a Vendor is not ready to take orders and serve within 15 minutes of their service time they will not be eligible for any discounts or perks for that shift.




Upon arrival Vendor must check in with the Beertender in the Taproom and let them know the approximate time they will start service. It is also recommended you let them know what the menu will be.



You must be able to operate in a 10 x 10  area. The concrete pad that you will set up on is larger than that, but please don’t spread out and make sure to leave a 3 to 4 foot pathway for brewery staff to get to the container, cooler and storage areas next to and behind you.


All Set-up and Tear-down is the sole responsibility of the vendor. We are not liable for any damage to Vendor equipment from severe weather or any other reason.



After loadout and cleanup, Vendors must inform a Beertender that they are done and leaving, and give the Beertender a chance to inspect the area for cleanliness.


Vendors may use the electrical outlets to power LED lighting and small electronics (such as phone charging, POS or tablets etc.) but not for any cooking, heating or refrigeration appliances.


Small generators may be used as long as they are not able to be heard from the guest seating area. Any power cords must be routed in a way as to not interfere with the parking space or foot traffic.


Vendors may not use Shadow Grove Brewing’s propane for cooking or heating of the area for warmth without first purchasing the tank with permission. The cost may change with the changing cost of propane. At the time of this writing the cost is $30 for a standard 20 lb tank. The tanks can be purchased in the taproom (if available.)


Service times Monday through Friday: 6 PM to 10 PM

Service times Saturday and Sunday: 12 to 4 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM

For the early time-slot:

Setup is available starting at 11:00 AM. Guest service is expected to commence by no later than 12 PM (this is when we open for business.


Service must stop at 4 PM and cleanup / packout must be completed by 5:00 PM.

For the later time-slot:

Setup is available starting at 5:00 PM. Guest service is expected to commence by no later than 6:00 PM, but may begin as early as the Vendor is prepared to serve. It is expected that Vendor will have enough food to last through at least 10 PM. Cleanup / packout must be completed before 11:30 PM.

No Vendor may serve more than 4 hours in a 12 hour period.



We would prefer that Vendor’s keep the ADA parking spot available for guests if possible. If a Vendor has an ADA parking permit and is able to park close by (such as in the alley spaces,) it would be preferred if they do not park in the ADA space, but is not mandatory.


Temporary standing for load-in and load-out in this space is permitted for all Vendors if the space is not in use by vehicle that is permitted for the ADA parking space, and must move their vehicle immediately if the space is required by a permitted vehicle.


After load out, please park your vehicle on the street, not in the alley parking spaces if possible.



The Vendor must clean their area as part of the end of shift clean-up / packout. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning the stainless prep table

  • Wiping down walls or any other vertical surface as needed

  • Properly and legally disposing of any and all cooking oil and grease

  • Cleaning the concrete floor

The Vendor must keep their area clean and presentable to guests at all times.


It is not permissible to “water broom” the concrete pad for cleaning. All floor cleaning must be done by mop and bucket (which are provided by Shadow Grove Brewing) and mop water disposed of in the brewery mop drain.


No Vendor warewashing is permitted on the premises.



The area in and around the space must be tidy and free of trash at all times. Remove or dispose of all debris at tear-down (basically leave the area as clean as originally found). Any additional cleaning of vendor space (especially grease) will be billed. If applicable, the Vendor must remove and correctly dispose of cooking grease/oil BY TAKING IT OFF THE PREMISES for proper disposal. It is not to be disposed of in the dumpster.

ALL FOOD WASTE AND COOKING BYPRODUCT MUST BE PACKED OUT AND NOT DISPOSED OF IN THE DUMPSTER OR TRASH BINS EVEN IF BAGGED. No solid waste of any kind, including dry ice, is to be disposed of on the pavement. Water may be disposed of in the floor drain/mop sink inside the building. Vending area must be neat, clean and self-contained at all times.

Besides having limited space in the dumpster, and doing our best to prevent improper disposal of cooking waste, we hope this policy requiring Vendors to pack-out their own waste will inspire choices that are more sustainable.




Mats must be used for any situation that would require them to protect the concrete floor.




Vendors must provide the necessary service items including utensils and napkins.


Shadow Grove Brewing does not permit any type of styrofoam containers. Although not forbidden, we encourage reducing the use of plastic utensils if possible.




We do not allow the sale of any items that compete with items being sold in the taproom including prepackaged snack items, chips, etc.

Vendors are not allowed to sell beverages unless granted special permission for special events. We do not allow the sale of any items that compete with items being sold in the taproom (such as soda, etc.)

At no time ever is the sale of any type of alcoholic beverage allowed to be sold by a Vendor.



It is permitted to play music in the Vendor area as long as it can not be heard from the taproom seating areas including the deck.




Vendors are welcome to promote and display however you see fit within your service area. Banners must be removable in a way to not damage Shadow Grove Brewing’s property (no staples, screws, nails etc.) and must be completely removed upon end of service (no string, zip ties, etc, left beyond.)


Table top menus to place around the taproom are allowed as table top displays as long as they are not significantly in the way of guests and weighted enough when outside to not blow away. Vendors may not affix (with tape, glue, fasteners etc.) any items to the table tops.


A menu in a self-standing frame may be placed at checkout at the bar as long as it is no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches and does not lay flat on the bar.


There is a frame on the wall near the back hallway door that is for food daily vendor menus. It holds an 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper. If it is not removed at the end of service, it will be thrown away.


All menus must clearly state the Vendor name or brand so it will not be confused as an operation or business of Shadow Grove Brewing.


Anything determined by Shadow Grove Brewing staff to be of poor taste or in the way of taproom or brewery operations may be required to be removed.




Vendors may not store equipment or personal belongings without the express permission of an authorized representative of Shadow Grove Brewing.


AT NO TIME may a vendor store any food on premises, especially in any walk-in cooler.




Vendors understand and agree that they are operating as an independent contractor.

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