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Beginning July 9th, Shadow Grove Brewing will be hosting its first singles, long format 501 season. 

The Details

10 weeks of regular season play

Each event will play as a random seeded, 16 player maximum, single elimination bracket

Players receive points for attendance and set wins

Points determine ranking and seeding into the playoff bracket

The more you play, the more points you can earn!


All events play will be formatted as follows: 

Round 1: 1 set, first to 4 legs

Quarter Finals: 1 set, first to 5 legs

Semi Finals: 1 set, first to 6 legs

Finals: 1 set. First to 7 legs


Points will be distributed per event as follows:

Last 16: 1 point

Last 8: 2 points

Last 4: 3 points

Last 2: 4 points

Winner: 5 points


Season ranking will be determined by the following:

A. Points

B. Season PPR

C. Coin Flip


The top 12 players will play in a single elimination, seeded bracket tournament to determine final payout. The top 4 players in the season will receive an automatic bye into the quarter finals. 

Payout will be for the top 8 players only determined by the playoff bracket



Each event will cost $15, excluding the playoffs (no cost for those who make it). Your $15 will include credit card processing fees and dart connect season fees. $13 of each ticket will enter the pot for the season payout


Payout Schedule (% of total pot):

1st: 33.5%.    2nd: 20%.    3rd: 15%.    4th: 10%

5th: 8%.    6th: 6%.    7th: 5%.    8th: 2.5%


Potential Payout (if all dates sell out):

1st: $696.    2nd: $416.    3rd: $312.    4th: $208

5th: $166.    6th: $124.    7th: $104.    8th: $52

The loser/s in each round will be positioned in the payout schedule based upon their standings in the regular season.

For example, if 5th & 7th place both lost in the semi-final round (3rd & 4th), 5th would get 3rd and 7th would get 4th. 


July 9th.    July 16th.    July 23rd.    July 30th.    August 6th

August 13th.    August 20th.    August 27th.    September 10th.    September 17th

September 24th (Playoffs)


Tickets for each event are available online. 

Again, 16 players max per event, we expect these events to sell out fast. 

Each event will close for sale on the Friday before the event at 12pm. 

Tickets can be purchased at:


Day of Play 

Check-in will be at 12pm

First round games begin at 12:30 sharp

4 players will be chosen at random to chalk the first 4 matches

Losers chalk the rest of the event

Anyone refusing to chalk will forfeit their $15 and point/s

PDC rules corking at the beginning of each match

Alternate legs

All players will receive their first beer for only $1 on each day of play

15 minute break between rounds

No breaks during the first round of play unless in case of emergency and agreed upon by both players

One 5 minute break will be allotted (if desired by either player) for each championship round game (quarter, semi, final) only after either player reaches 3 leg wins.  

The Fine Details

Each date is non refundable

You must be on premises and checked in within 15 minutes of check in time or your match and entry fee will be forfeited and no points awarded. 

No transfers allowed (player who bought the ticket must play the match)

All forfeited entry fees will be allocated to the total pot

Any person permanently banned from Shadow Grove Brewing will not be able to join the league

Any dart player that collects winnings from Shadow Grove Brewing LLC will be subject to fill out tax forms and be issued a 1099-MISC for winnings collected that year

League standing will be updated weekly and available online. Stats can be viewed through Dartconnect match reports. 

Minimum of 8 players per event date (will be refunded if cancelled by Shadow Grove Brewing)


If all goes well with this inaugural season we expect to host 3 seasons per year. 

Hope to see you all there and shoot well!

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