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Dear Friends & Colleagues,


To begin, we would like to  thank those that committed to our first, successful investment round. Those equity owners will be enjoying some awesome taproom perks for life and can't wait to see them all sitting at our bar. We have placed the order for our brewhouse and facility construction is fully underway. 

With that said, we are still slightly underfunded and need your help in making this dream become a reality. 

The Details:

Specifically, we are seeking funds that will allow us to purchase our tanks and a 3 ton glycol chiller. We had been set to lease our tanks from a company that now will not have them in stock until mid-spring, 2020. As having these tanks on order is a condition of us moving forward with our federal permitting process, it is essential that we raise the additional capital for this unforeseen expense. 

Option A: Equity Based Investment

50 membership interest units are available as of Friday November 1st, 2019. Each membership interest costs $1,000 and carries an equity value of 0.1% of the company. As we are currently seeking a single investor, the minimum purchase requirement will be 50 units. 

Option B: Asset Backed Loan

For those not interested in an equity based investment, we are offering this limited program as an alternative.  The process is simple, we purchase a piece of equipment that you provide the funds for and you own the equipment until repayment has been made. Payback is with 10% interest and based on an amortization table. This program will require a minimum investment of $30,000. See the Loan Page for more details. 

Ready to Invest? 

The transaction is rather simple: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you will be contacted within 3 business days with a copy of our business plan and other sample agreements for your review. If you are still interested after you have reviewed those documents, contact us and we will draft a membership agreement document.  After signing, you will transfer funds to our capital account to be utilized to purchase capital assets and complete our build out.

For anyone that would like to invest or to see the full details: a copy of our business plan and with equity or loan details, please fill out the form below to request access. 

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