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Return on Equity Investment


By studying the sales metrics of other nearby breweries that also focus heavily on retail sales in their taproom, we estimate that we will be selling roughly 1,000 barrels a year by our seventh year in operation. As such, all investors would receive a full return on their original investment by the end of our seventh year of operation.

Dividend Payouts


Dividend payouts will be based off net profit,  made annually and the percentage amounts dictated by total volume sold. We must reach a minimum of 350 barrels sold in a year to trigger a dividend payout. The maximum payout percentage of profit shall not exceed 80%. The company will retain the right to reduce a dividend payout percentage for purchasing capital assets to increase production volume or for unforeseen circumstances that cause an expense allocation (equipment damage, product spoilage, etc.)


Payout table (based on projected annual sales)




After the initial repayment period of 7 years, we estimate the annual dividend payout per share to be a minimum of $300.84. Using current investment metrics, it is estimated that most investment types will take 9 years to double your investment. By calculating our projected dividend payments over a 9 year period, we conclude that the total payout would be a minimum of  $1,299 (just over 2x payout on a single share)

Repurchase Clause


All non-managing membership interests will be subject to a repurchase clause that becomes active after a non-managing member receives their original membership interest back plus 300% of their original investment. The option to repurchase will be at the sole discretion of the managing members and is not mandatory. The repurchase amount will be subject to a company valuation at the time of repurchase. Your lifetime benefit of one free beer per day will not be affected by an interest repurchase.

Use of Funds


The cash generated through equity investments will be used several ways:


1. Capital Expenditures: Equipment for the Brewery will be purchased to allow for 500 barrels to be sold in the first year of operation. Additional equipment will be secured as needed and expansion capital will be spent on brewery equipment that will allow for additional production capacity as needed.


2. Brewery Design & Construction: Electrical and plumbing upgrades will be needed in our leased space. While we have secured Lessor improvements with the landlord to help cover these costs, many expenditures will still be required. Cement work to install drains and coating for production area and bar area floors will be required along with custom plumbing for our glycol cooling systems. Electrical outlets will need to be moved from their current locations to better suit the needs of the production area. Water will need to be provided to the bar and production area and will be facilitated through extending the current piping.


3. Permits, Licenses & Associated Fees: Our build-out permit fees will be determined by the City of San Fernando upon plan submittal. Our ABC license will need to be paid for as soon as our build-out construction plans have been submitted.


4. Tasting Room Design & Construction: We will design and construct much of the tasting room ourselves saving us significant capital on upfront design costs. Restroom design, plumbing and construction, along with behind-bar equipment such as our point-of-sale systems, cold storage for our serving tanks, taps, lines, a dishwasher, sink and on-demand hot water heater will also be covered under tasting room expenses.


5. Operating Costs: Covered under operating costs will be one full year of rent, utilities and insurance for our leased space. It will be a priority to keep as much cash-in-hand as possible to cover unforeseen expenses. Also covered will be initial purchases of ingredients.


6. Expendables: Small items such as glassware, coasters, paper towels, cleaning supplies and filter media will be covered under our expendable expenses.


7. Marketing: We will utilize a startup marketing budget to help build brand awareness. These funds will go towards an aggressive social media campaign targeting persons meeting our market segments criteria within a 25-mile radius. A crowdfunding campaign will be utilized to sell our memberships and help to drive future loyalty before our doors are even open.

For anyone that would like invest or to see the full details: a copy of our business plan and subscription agreement, please fill out the form below to request access.