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Shadow Grove Equity Investment

We understand that equity based investments are not for everyone. As such, we wanted to give those with the desire to invest without as much risk the chance to do so. Our loan program will be structured so that the investor retains ownership of an asset or several assets that we use to make our product and make payments on directly to the investor. These loans will be based on 10% APR interest and will allow a 6 month grace period before payments begin. The length of the loan will be contingent on the total amount invested. The amortization schedule below will give you an example of the return you will see based upon the minimum loan amount of $5,000. 

The Process

After you have decided to invest in our loan program and the amount and terms have been agreed upon, you will be provided with a list of gear that we will purchase with your investment and funds will be transferred to our account to purchase the equipment on that list. Once the purchase is complete and the items have been delivered, we will serialize the assets and provide you those serial numbers for you to retain. Loan payments will begin six months after the initial purchase was made and will be paid monthly until completion of the loan terms. Once the loan term has been completed and all payments have been made, the ownership of those assets will transfer to Shadow Grove Brewing. 

Loan FAQ

1. Do I get to pick the equipment that Shadow Grove will purchase with my investment? 


Unfortunately, no, we will decide what will be purchased based on necessity and priority. You will be given an asset list with serial numbers upon completion of equipment purchase.

2. What happens to my equipment if you go out of business? 

In the event that Shadow Grove Brewing Dissolves for any reason, asset owners will have to opportunity to decide whether they would like us to sell the equipment for them or whether you would like to pick up and retain the item/s. 



For anyone that would like invest or to see the full details: a copy of our business plan and subscription agreement, please fill out the form below to request access.